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*special price is for a standard straight stairlift without any optional extras. 

It can be hard to make the decision to install a stairlift, but it is a wonderful option if it means you can remain safely in your own home. Our experienced team at Swanage Mobility is expert in matching the perfect stairlift to your staircase. We are authorised specialists in quality stairlift brands Acorn, Brooks, Minivator and Freelift (Handicare) so you can trust that your stairlift will be simple to use, hardworking, glide beautifully, look great and feel as comfortable as possible. It can be a worry to have sales people in your home too. You can be rest assured that with Swanage Mobility we will only be in your home for as long as necessary. A survey should take no more than 30 minutes. We will leave the quote with you to make up your mind in your own time, with no pressure. We install all stairlifts ourselves, so you won't have to deal with any other company. We see all jobs through from start to finish.

We have a working demo in our shop so you can try before you buy.

As well as selling new and used stairlifts, we offer stairlift servicing and repairs for most makes and models. We also do stairlift removals for those no longer required.

The latest stairlift from Brooks is the Superglide 130, the ultimate staircase solution giving you full use of the home you love. Blending seamlessly into your home, with a smooth start and stop mechanism, you can glide effortlessly up and down the stairs.


Key Features

  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest which is hard-wearing and gives extra support. 

  •  Simple two direction switch is easy to use. 

  • Inertia seatbelt fitted as standard provides security and safety to the user. 

  • The stairlift seat, arms and footrest fold away neatly when not in use. 

  • The stairlift seat swivels to allow the user to exit the lift without discomfort. 

  • Fits directly to your stairs and plugs into a dedicated mains electrical socket, so no structural or electrical changes are needed to be made to your staircase or home. 

  • The stairlift can be safely locked and deactivated with a key. 

  • Simple digital display shows correct functioning and quickly diagnoses any problems.

  •  For added safety, the stairlift has five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage that immediately stop the lift at any obstruction on your staircase. 

  • Two remote controls, with large easy to use buttons, come as standard to call the lift upstairs and downstairs.

  • Many optional extras available such as; hinged rail, power seat swivel, perching seat.

Brooks Straight Stairlift

In 1972, when Mr Frederick Brooks' wife Grace started to find the stairs that little bit difficult due to her rheumatoid arthritis, Mr Brooks decided to design a stairlift for her. Using high standards of engineering, quality and style gained from his background as an engineer for Daimler, Brooks attracted much attention. Word soon spread of Britain's first stairlift, and before long people with mobility difficulties and even health professionals from all over Britain were calling on Fred Brooks to commission their own stairlifts. In 1973, the Fred Brooks Stairlift Company was formed in Camberley, Surrey. 


This followed the growing interest in the invention, particularly from local councils. The first lift was called the Mk1. Following this, the second model, the MkII, came out around 1975. At this time, production was split between Lincoln, where the motors were assembled, and Camberley, where the rest was made. These two models of stairlift featured a motor at the top of the stairs which pulled the chair up by a nylon rope!


Around 1977 came the Deluxe: the first Brooks stairlift to be wire rope hauled. In 1979, the First British Standard for stairlifts was put into place to avoid the industry getting a poor safety record. Brooks Stairlifts successfully incorporated this standard into their work. Around 1980, growth was such that it made economic sense to consolidate production, and the first dedicated factory unit was set up on Nash Lane in Lincoln. In line with this came the Premier - a basic stairlift, very slim line and with a fixed rather than swivel seat - and the Elite, with a swivel seat. Both featured essential safety features to comply with the new British Standard. Around 1987, Brooks launched the Supreme; the first Brooks stairlift to carry the motor on the chassis as all conventional stairlifts do today. The Supreme was also the first chain-driven Brooks stairlift. Business was booming and Brooks moved to the well-known Westminster site in North Hykeham at this time.


The current British standard BS5776 came into force in 1996 and to comply with this, by 1997 Brooks developed the Lincoln. It was originally an AC lift, and for its last year of production (2001) was available with battery (DC) power.

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Curved stairlifts

Rembrandt and Van Gogh Curved Stairlifts

Looking for a stairlift for the inside of the stairs?

The Handicare Rembrandt has been developed specifically for mounting on the ‘inside’ of the stairs – this is normally the shorter travel distance along the staircase. The Rembrandt’s special design copes admirably with what are often steeper inside curves.

Looking for a stairlift for the outside of the stairs?

The Handicare Van Gogh has been designed specifically for the ‘outside’ of the stairs. The Handicare Van Gogh one of the most popular curved stairlifts in the world! 

The benefits of the Handicare Rembrandt and Van Gogh are:

  • The compact and unobtrusive stairlift is installed close to the wall or bannister leaving the rest of the stairway clear for other users.

  • You can customise your lift to further suit your requirements by adding one of the useful additional functions such as a hinged rail or a powered swivel seat.

  • Different types of seat can be installed on both the Handicare Rembrandt and Van Gogh so there is sure to be something that meets your needs.

  • You can also choose from a range of upholstery options to suit you décor.

  • All the Handicare stairlifts are made to measure so you can be assured it will fit perfectly into your home.


Which seat is best for you? We can supply the Rembrandt and Van Gogh with the Elegance, Basic or Classic seat so you can find a seat to suit you. The seats come in a range of colours, ensuring they always blend in with your home.

Elegance seat

The new Elegance stairlift seat combines elegant design with refined comfort, due in part to its super-soft upholstery. The seat has stylish upholstery with a luxurious feel. The upholstery's protective layer means that the stairlift seat is both durable and easy to clean. The armrests can be adjusted outwards to create a wider seat

Basic seat

A simple but stylish design. 

The Basic seat represents affordable convenience. 

The Basic seat comes in a range of colours and a choice of wear-resistant fabric or cream-coloured leather-grain finish.

Classic seat

The ergonomically designed Classic seat is extremely comfortable. The seat has been designed together with physiotherapists and occupational therapists. 

The Classic seat comes in a luxurious, but easy to clean, leather-grain finish.

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Fitted February 12th 2020

New Brooks straight stairlift Swanage Mobility
New Brooks straight stairlift Swanage mobility
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