Komfy 8

The new Kymco Komfy 8 mobility scooter has been designed to provide you with ultimate comfort, style, manoeuvrability and performance. Designed with particular attention to ergonomics and comfort, Kymco has developed one of the most flexible and easy to use scooters on the market.

Komfy 8 has a top speed of 8mph (12.8 kmh), and is packed packed with many features that you would naturally expect from a modern, advanced mobility scooter. Komfy will enhance your everyday life, independence and enjoyment of travel.

Standard features include;

Easy to operate wrap-around handlebars, making Komfy simple to drive. You can rest the palms of your hands, relieving your wrists from strain and tiredness while driving.

Large, soft touch switches and easy to read displays, making Komfy so easy to use. Your interaction with the controls will be a pure delight to operate.

Long range 45amp batteries providing a superior, extended travel range per charge.

A lockable safety handbrake is fitted as standard, for emergency, braking if required.

A large soft rubber handlebar adjustment knob, makes it easier to grip, to tighten, and loosen the handlebar adjustment system.

Full LED, low power consuming lighting system, providing superb lighting with very little battery usage, keeping you going for longer.

Fully adjustable suspension system, to allow the Komfy to be tailored to suit your driving conditions to the fullest. With Komfy your comfort is always the main priority.

Modern mono-shock adjustable rear suspension system, providing the ultimate in comfort.

Stylish aluminium wheels with luxurious pneumatic tyres, provide you with the very best driving experience, reducing the shock from bumpy and uneven driving surfaces.

Rear wheel splash guards to prevent water from spraying up when driving in wet conditions.

Reclinable, high quality and breathable, comfort captain seat, that can swivel to allow safe and easy access on and off the scooter. This allows better access to sit at tables without the need to get on and off your scooter each time.

A convenient USB socket is available for you to charge your mobile phone, tablet or sat-nav.

Komfy has a powerful 500 watt motor, providing you with unrivalled driving performance.

Kymco Komfy 8
Kymco Komfy 8

Specifications Komfy 8

  • Max user weight  160kg / 25 stone

  • Length  1280 mm

  • Width  600 mm

  • Height  980 mm

  • Max speed  12.8 kmh / 8 mph

  • Range  32 km / 20 miles

  • Wheel size  255 mm (10")

  • Wheel aluminium

  • Tyre pneumatic

  • Total weight inc bat  93kg

  • Battery  45amp x2

  • Lights fitted 

  • Turning radius  1560mm

  • Max slope  10 deg

  • Ground clearance 45mm

  • Front basket

  • Two mirrors

Kymco Komfy 8
Kymco Komfy 8
Kymco Komfy 8 Cherry Red
Kymco Komfy 8 Sapphire Blue
Kymco Komfy 8 Glossy Black
Kymco Komfy 8 Mercury Silver

       Cherry Red       Sapphire Blue     Glossy Black    Mercury Silver

Midi XLS

The Midi XLS from Kymco is the new and improved version of the popular Midi XL and is a slimmed down version of the ever popular Kymco Maxi XLS. It is designed for a scooter user who doesn't need the heavy duty aspects of the bigger "Maxi", but who still wants to enjoy the power and luxury features of its bigger brother.The Kymco Midi XLS now has the fully adjustable, all round suspension system featured on the Maxi model, along with a comfortable and adjustable Captains seat, all wrapped up in a more compact chassis which means that you will find it is easier to handle on paths and pavements or more restricted spaces. The Midi XLS also sports a delta tiller as standard, along with a dual set of rear view mirrors.Behind the two-tone front modesty panel is a conveniently placed basket to keep your personal effects close by. It comes with a rear basket as standard but there is also the option to add a front basket to the scooter if more storage is required.The Midi XLS however is still a very robust scooter having a maximum user weight of 25 stone and, will carry you for up to 25 miles on a single battery charge so it is certainly no lightweight!

Kymco Midi XLS Flame Orange

Specifications Midi XLS

  • Max user weight  160kg /25 stone

  • Length  1250mm

  • Width  590 mm

  • Height  1040 mm

  • Max speed  12.8 kmh /8 mph

  • Range  40 km /25 miles

  • Wheel size  255 mm (10")

  • Wheel type  Pneumatic

  • Heaviest part  26.1 kg

  • Total weight inc bat  102 kg

  • Battery  50 amp

  • Seat Height to Deck  450 /510 mm

  • Lights fitted  Yes

  • Turning radius  1560 mm

  • Max slope  10 Deg

Kymco Midi XLS Flame Orange
Kymco Midi XLS Sapphire Blue
Kymco Midi XLS Metallic Mink
Kymco Midi XLS Glossy Black

Flame Orange  Sapphire Blue  Metallic Mink    Glossy Black


Kymco Healthcare's Agility 8mph - 12.8kmh mid-size mobility scooter has been designed to provide you with the ultimate in performance, luxury, comfort and manoeuvrability. Designed using the very latest technologies, the Agility will delight and surpass your mobility expectations.

With stylish large 12" - 305mm low profile alloy wheels and a full oil damped suspension system, this new model will provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Even when driving in the more challenging tough environments you will enjoy a trouble free and comfortable journey.

Kymco have included many new high-end features for your convenience on the Agility, as standard.

Features include;

  • Waterproof backlit LCD display.

  • Easy to use delta handlebar with high visibility rear view mirrors.

  • Soft touch illuminated waterproof switches for safe easy use.

  • Luxury breathable fully adjustable Captain seat for extra comfort.

  • Convenient 12v power socket - You can charge your mobile phone onboard.

  • Low consumption LED front and rear lighting system.

  • Easy access on board storage facility for convenience and safe storage.

  • The latest modern design lines with 5 attractive metallic colours to chose from.

  • Automotive style dashboard with a service interval warning.

  • Superior ground clearance for outdoor driving.

  • Compact and easy manoeuvrability means you can drive where you want to go.

Kymco Agility Cherry Red

Specifications Agility

  • Max user weight  165kg / 26 stone

  • Length  1280 mm

  • Width  575 mm

  • Height  1100 mm

  • Max speed  12.8kmh / 8mph

  • Range  40km / 25 miles

  • Wheel size  305 mm / 12"

  • Wheel type  Low profile pneumatic

  • Heaviest part  N/A

  • Total weight inc bat  107 kg

  • Battery  50 amp

  • Seat height to Deck  460 / 520 mm

  • Lights fitted  Yes

  • Turning radius  1560 mm

  • Max slope  12 deg

Kymco Agility Front Bumper
Kymco Agility LCD Dashboard
Kymco Agility Suspension
Kymco Agility Lights
Kymco Agility Footwell
Kymco Agility Tiller Adjuster
Kymco Agility Captain Seat
Kymco Agility Low Profile Wheels

    Glossy Black             Sapphire Blue            Glossy Bronze            Metallic Mink             Cherry Red

Kymco Agility Sapphire Blue
Kymco Agility Metalic Mink
Kymco Agility Glossy Bronze
Kymco Agility Glossy Black
Kymco Agility Cherry Red
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